Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hide column on Newform.aspx. In SharePoint

Issue: Client reported that on newform.aspx page, there is one column which appear for awhile and then disappears.
-          Checked if the column is custom created.
-          Checked if the column has its value hidden in the content type column setting.
-          Marked the column value to be required.
-          Saving the list as template without content and worked fine on the other site, gives issue on the same site.
-          Tried deleting the problem column form the problem list, its still disappears from the newform.aspx page.
-          Checked the list in SharePoint Designer to check if the newform.aspx page is customized. No customizations were implemented.

On further troubleshooting, we edited the new.aspx page and found two ‘content editor webpart’ each containing a Java script code.
Out these two codes one was like given below:
Where nth-Child is used as an argument to pass to the table and function to perform is hiding.
The 8th number is the column number in the newform.aspx page. Editing the page and changing the number equivalent to the number of the column would hide that column from the page.
Either changing the number to something to not equal to the column number or removing the code had resolved the issue.
Applies to:
-          SharePoint 2007
-          SharePoint 2010.
-          SharePoint Designer.  

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