Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Disk space mismatch than the actual size allocated on disk.

Issue: Today while doing our regular BAU of monitoring the server space. I have got a Tivoli alert which is configured to alarm you when there is low disk space. 
Issue was while looking at the drive space the total of 199 GB was showing as used space and total storage space occupied by files and folder was 58 GB on the drive.  Where is the rest of the space occupied. Strange….???
-          Unhide the system hidden files. Not occupying the space.
-          Checked the file size of the files and folder stored. Not occupying the space.
-          Checked the Volume shadow copies of the all the drives. No disk is mounted to be used as Shadow copies. All drive status is set to ‘Disabled’.
Came across a very nice article which talks about the various ways to check if there is a mismatch in the drive space.
Step 6 from the above article was the resolution for my problem.
-          Running VSSADMIN LIST SHADOWSTORAGE to find out, which drive is having the total used space as a volume shadow copy.

-          132 GB of storage space was occupied by C Drive.
-          Limiting Maximum size of the storage area in Shadow copies had releases the space allocated.

Applies to:
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003.

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