Sunday, April 14, 2013

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By Dan Holme

Over the last two weeks, I’ve laid out an analysis of Office 365 and what it means to enterprises large and small.  But there’s one piece that I left out—quite intentionally—that today deserves to be brought to light: apps.  Not just any apps.  Killer apps.  Solutions to problems that transcend SharePoint… problems that have plagued businesses for years.  Now that Office 365 is released, I’d like to lay out my prediction for an exciting near-term future for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 apps. 

From time to time I will highlight apps that I think are particularly noteworthy.  Today, I’d like to talk about a few—in particular a pair of apps that address very common business meeting and organizational challenges: MEETINGS and MY VIEW, which revolutionize your ability to leverage the Microsoft stack to manage effective meetings, and to roll up tasks and calendar entries across your SharePoint and Exchange worlds into a single view that can surface on any computer, tablet, or phone.

Before we jump to that discussion, I’d like to thank everyone at Penton—the organization behind—for all their work on our BRAND NEW SITE, launched today with a great new engine that my colleagues—for example Paul Thurrott at SuperSite for Windows—have been raving about.  I think you’ll love the new look, and how easy it is (finally!) to register to make comments, and to find content you’re looking for!  So whether you have time now to read about a couple of apps that could change your work life, do jump to the new site to check it out!

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By Asif Rehmani

Have you noticed any SharePoint pages in your environment that load slower than the others? Want to know why? The SharePoint Developer Dashboard can provide the answer. Its name makes it sound like it’s only for developers. However, it's an extremely useful tool for IT professionals as well as SharePoint site owners.

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