Sunday, April 14, 2013

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By Dan Holme

Yesterday, Microsoft released Office 2013, Office 365 Home Premium, and Office 365 University—a significant chunk of the “Wave 15” Microsoft Office portfolio. But business and enterprise plans of Office 365 are on hold for another month.

The general availability milestone for consumers means that Office 2013 is more officially in the wild, now. This is just one of many milestones, and there are many thousands of individuals—myself included—who have been using Office 2013 for months, whether through MSDN, TechNet, or Microsoft volume licenses, or through the suite’s inclusion on the Surface. Many thousands—myself included again—have also been working with the new version of Office 365 through preview accounts obtained during the Consumer Preview period, or through Enterprise plans.

This week, I’ll share some of the details and resources related to this release, which in my opinion is a “no brainer” for certain scenarios—especially for those of us who are the tech support for our FFANs (Friends & Family Area Networks). I’ll also address some of the rumors about the impact today’s release has on your business and your users (read: licensing!). Next week, I’ll cover and clarify the dizzying array of Office 365 offerings for business.

For those playing the “Where in the world is Dan?” game, I’m in London this week, speaking at the SharePoint User Group UK on Thursday. I fly to lovely Copenhagen on Friday for the European SharePoint Conference where I will deliver my new SharePoint 2013 Collaboration MasterClass, a keynote with Christian Buckley, and three governance sessions.

Due to this week’s Office release news, I’m going to put off sharing the next chapter in my Facebook Catfish saga which, by the way, Facebook has yet to address adequately! (MAJOR #FAIL in protecting their users!)

So, on a brighter note, the release of the stunning Office 365 and Office 2013 applications!

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By Caroline Marwitz

Because my brain has been totally corrupted by using Twitter, what else but a tweet came to mind while I was reading the just-released Metalogix SharePoint survey:
"SharePoint content explodes, admins unhurt.

Actually, by rights it would more accurately have said "Users going ape-crazy with putting content into SharePoint, admins hopeful #SharePoint 2013 can help, if their organizations will cough up the money for it and allow for decent planning time, and by the way, ANY downtime while migrating = fail."
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