Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why are Access Documents banned in SharePoint?

A query has been ported by the one of our Collaboration manager and it goes like this, ‘Why are Access Documents banned in SharePoint.’

Answer: There are many reasons for this but at a high level many file extensions are blocked to avoid vulnerabilities i.e. files that contain code. Of course nothing is fool proof, so manipulating file extensions has long been a way for individuals to work around this.

When SharePoint is installed there is a default list of denied file extensions amongst which are Access DB files. This is often questioned and through the releases of SharePoint 03, 10, 13, the way Access is used with the platform has changed.

We now have and Access Service Application to support web based rendering of Access DB’s (solutions) created in SharePoint. In 2013 Access is a strong alternative to InfoPath Forms solutions.

The biggest argument why we didn’t allow Access DB’s in 2007 was ‘why would you store a Database inside of a Database’. All content in the Citi architecture is stored in SQL, so if you see a need to use Access then first look at building that app in SharePoint using Lists, Views and Web Parts.

Most users look at SharePoint as a web based document store – IT IS NOT, it’s a ‘platform’ to build apps on, we need to work at educating even the basic user how they can maximize usage of SP to better affect for productivity.

You can also check the blocked file types in SharePoint 2010 @ link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-in/library/cc262496%28v=office.14%29.aspx

Reference: I must appreciate a Solution Architect Mr. Tim Newis from my current assignment to give this great and details explanation to our collaboration manager. Zillions Thanks to Mr. Tim Newis.

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