Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SharePoint performance is down, factors to be considered.

Friends, it would be of great deal and help if we had an overall description of ‘what has occurred’ during determining the factors of down SharePoint performance. Below I am listing some of the key point which had clicked to my mind.
                     Is issue present on all content databases and sites in a web application?

o   If one site is having issues check the URL for the content database the site resides. – This can help determine if the issue is site specific or larger.

o   If the content database URL has issues then check other Content databases in the same web application.

o   If the web application is having issues validate other web applications in the same method.

o   Compare web applications from each SQL server, this can help determine if there is a SQL issue.

                     Is the issue present on all WFE's?

o   Test from the WFE’s and from a desktop – This can help locate any issues with Network or Load Balancer

o   Check WFE events, ULS, IIS, performance monitor

o   Do WFE’s have high CPU?

§  Is High CPU on one process/web application
§  Capture all processes organized by CPU utilization
§  Determine what web application is related to process as necessary

                     IIS SQL performing well?

o   Have the correct Teams such as SA and DBA to validate Wintel Server or SQL for any issues.

                     Involvement of all internal teams should be required and record everything for easily sharing and record.

                     When involving Microsoft share all event logs, IIS logs, ULS logs, and performance monitor logs captured with them.

A SharePoint performance troubleshooting guide from Idera would also help you to determining the factors to be considered during troubleshooting down SharePoint performance.   

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