Sunday, December 16, 2012

SharePoint 2013 IT Professional reviewers guide

A very good article by Jeremy Taylor. If you are looking to introduce a new SharePoint 2013 farm or an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 in your organization and need to get some quick information put together to your manager or CIO, then suggested is the following guide from Microsoft:
Some of notes:
  • It’s not as comprehensive as you might want it to be. Consider it a good start to whet the appetite of your technical managers, infrastructure managers or CIO.
  • It’s not a full-on ‘marketing SharePoint features’ document. It is intended for a technical audience who have the role as ‘decision makers’ with you as an ‘influencer’
  • Broadly with three headings – Manage Cost, Manage Risk and Manage Your Time, it neatly presents some of the new and improved offerings of SharePoint 2013.
  • If you want to gather more features and dive deeper, you might want to consider another document.
What others are downloading:

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