Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back up customizations in SharePoint Server 2010

Customizations are of different kinds when it comes to SharePoint, below is small descriptions.

  • Customizations packaged as solutions (.wsp files). Solutions contain developed site elements, and are typically created by developers. Developed site elements include the following:
    • Web Parts
    • Workflows
    • Site and list definitions
    • Document converters
    • Event receivers
    • Timer jobs
    • Assemblies
  • Authored site elements, which are typically created by Web designers, are not explicitly compiled and reside in a content database. Authored site elements include the following:
    • Master pages
    • Cascading style sheets
    • Forms
    • Layout page

  • Changes to the Web.config file
  • Third-party solutions and their associated binary files and registry keys, such as IFilters
  • Changes to sites created by direct editing through the browser
  • Developed customizations that are not packaged as solutions
Each of these kinds of customizations requires a different type of backup.
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