Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SharePoint Logs Showing Unexpected Error Related to CMS/Cached Values?

Error: While taking a look at our SharePoint logs, we noticed a very large number of entries similar to the following:
11/06/2012 08:23:11.47  w3wp.exe (0x276C)                        0x1BF0 CMS                            Publishing                     0 Unexpected Cached Value found.  Value is False 
11/06/2012 08:23:11.47  w3wp.exe (0x276C)                        0x1BF0 CMS                            Publishing                     0 Unexpected XXX / is a descendent of / - False)
By looking at this we see one of these for each site/subsite in the site collection, as well as individual pages, but we are unsure of what process would be going through the entire site like this.
Some people were suggesting that this error occurred only after you upgrade your environment with June 2011 or Aug 2011 cumulative updates. It’s been one and half year since MS had releases 2011 cumulative updates and surely this could not be the possible cause of issue in our environment. So far MS has been suggesting disabling logging for the "Publishing" category as that's what has been suggested in other similar cases as well.
With Microsoft Support it goes by like this:
"As discussed earlier today, this issue is a bug. A bug request is filed for this to the product group and we are waiting for an outcome. This may however take some time. In the meantime the workaround is to go into the Diagnostic Logging section and set the option to NONE for the Publishing category. I have also checked around to see if there is other way to work around this but there does not seem to be any for the moment”.
Finally MS suggested us change the logging method in our environment which had fixed the issue for us. Below are the stsadm commands for your reference.
Set Publishing to none.
stsadm  -o setlogginglevel -category “Publishing” –tracelevel none windowslogginglevel none
stsadm  -o listlogginglevel
Restart the Tracing Service
net stop sptracer
net start sptrace
If you have any queries \ questions, do let me know, I would be happy to answer those.  

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